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Recovering from an eating disorder is complicated, challenging, and highly personal. Taylor takes an trauma informed, autonomy-based, and individualized approach to walking alongside their clients. He believes recovery must come from a place of genuine authenticity and anti-carceral care.
Taylor works with all eating disorders (anorexia, ARFID, binge eating disorder, bulimia) and disordered eating; and has a special passion for ARFID.

Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating

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initial session | 60 minutes

Follow-up sessions | 50 minutes

Untangling body image and dysphoria can be confusing, especially in the context of recovery. Let's get to the root of what's what and work towards feeling more grounded in your own body.
Taylor works with clients in healing and exploring the intersection of body image, dysphoria, and gender euphoria. Additionally, Taylor has experience walking alongside individuals in their gender affirming transition processes- from  starting puberty blockers, starting HRT to surgery and all the frustrations and joy in between.

Gender Affirmation

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Taylor is a registered dietitian who has been working with eating disorders, trans/gender expansive individuals, neurodivergence, mental health, and chronic illness, and much more since 2015. This combined with his lived experience offers a unique perspective in supervision, case consultation, and education. Taylor strives to provide a safe, inclusive, and social justice framework to question, explore, and work towards providing affirming care. Taylor's goals are to help you feel heard, seen, and uplifted in your work while doing the uncomfortable and challenging work of both learning and unlearning.

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Let's chat to see if we might be a good fit! Clarity calls are 15 minutes where we both can ask questions we might have to see if working together would potentially be a good fit in your healing journey. I believe it needs to be a mutually good fit to be of best benefit to you. This is your life and you deserve the best fit for YOU and YOUR recovery!

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Ready to get started? Let's schedule an initial session! Initial sessions are 60 minutes. During the clarity call, if you feel like we might be a good fit, we can set up a time for the initial session!

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I will send you intake forms before we meet for the initial session. We will go over the nutrition assessment together in the initial session to better get to know you, your history, and set the stage for what our work together may look like. 

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The initial session is 60 minutes. We will discuss the nutrition assessment and walk more thoroughly through what has brought you here and discuss attainable short and long term goals. I believe goals need to be mutually agreed upon and they may change as we work together - and that's okay! I like to take my time with the initial session in getting to know you and allowing you to get to know me. Recovery is a very personal journey and takes time, so I believe it is important to take time up front in learning about you. Most of the time the initial session will continue into the first or second follow up session to build trust and rapport.
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I am a registered dietitian nutritionist who is transgender, queer, neurodivergent, has chronic illness, and in long-term recovery from my own eating disorders. I believe every client is truly unique and sees the world through their own lens. I strive to work from a social justice stance. I believe in developing a strong therapeutic alliance with each client to work alongside them to find their own sustainable solutions for lasting recovery.

My passion is with the LGBTQ+ community, particularly trans and gender expansive individuals and advocating for inclusive, informed, and accessible care. Working with ARFID is another area I love. I think it is important to dig into the roots of ARFID to explore recovery creatively and uniquely for each individual. Recovery never looks the same for any two people- and that's a good thing!

Throughout my career, in conjunction with eating disorders, I have found a niche working with neurodivergence and neurodiversity such as ADHD and autism. Lastly but certainly not least, chronic illness is another area of practice I enjoy working alongside clients. I have experience working with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, mast cell activation syndrome, Dercum's disease among many others.

I do my best to provide a safe and judgement-free space for clients to explore nutrition; body image; gender identity; gender dysphoria, euphoria and all the in-betweens; neurodivergence; and disability in the context of recovery and work towards finding peace with food, nutrition, and body image. I am located in Colorado, however, am able to virtually see clients located in many other states. Please reach out to see if I'm able to work with you in your state!

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Taylor Craven

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MS, rdn, CD, ldN

he/him & they/them

Gender Expansive Nutrition (GEN) was created by a trans/gender expansive individual to be a space to explore healing for trans/gender expansive individuals from a place of agency, autonomy, and authenticity. Intersectionality is a core value in understanding how the context behind what healing means and looks like. Food, nutrition, body image, and dysphoria are only some of the bands on the metaphorical rubber band ball to be untangled. 

GEN was also created for neurodivergent individuals by a neurodivergent person as a space to come just as you are. Masking can be both protective and traumatic, and GEN strives to be a space to explore the beautiful connections between nutrition, eating, neurodivergence, and your recovery process.

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Not at all! I welcome everyone! As someone who is trans, I find people sometimes prefer someone with a shared identity, however cis individuals are very welcome here! Whomever you are, you are valid and your identities are important in this space and important in your healing process.

Do you only work with transgender people?

I work from a weight inclusive framework, which means I do not work with clients to pursue weight loss. I believe the pursuit of weight loss can actively contribute to maintaining and/or activating eating disorders. However, I fully understand the bull** gatekeeping that happens in the medical industrial complex and access to gender affirming surgery can then be prohibitive for some individuals (I've been there, personally). So I do operate on a harm reduction framework when needed in this area on a case by case basis.

can you help me lose weight?

Yes! As of July 15, 2024, I am in network with Aetna and Cigna.
More info to come soon!
For other insurance plans, I am able to provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement depending on your plan.

Additionally, I am in the process of becoming in network with United, date TBD.

I also offer sliding scale spots for a few clients in need.

Do you take insurance?

Since I'm currently fully virtual, I will send you a HIPAA compliant link for telehealth sessions before the initial session. If you are able, I would recommend a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and where you are comfortable. I cannot conduct sessions if you are driving.
If you are located in Colorado, I'm hoping to lease an office space in the Boulder area in the near future!

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Currently, I'm completely virtual
I hope to have an office in Boulder, CO in 2024

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